André Antoine Toines is the founding Pastor of Rejoice and Praise Community Fellowship Church located in Arlington, Texas.


Pastor André was born on December 22, 1973 in Lubbock, Texas. He accepted Jesus as Lord and savior at Greater New Hope Baptist Church in Lubbock Texas where Dr. Stephen C. Nash baptized him. Upon relocating to Austin, Texas, André united with the Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Earl Harris.


The year 1991 started off with a bang for André at watch night service he announced his call to the ministry at Mt. Sinai now under the leadership of Pastor A.W. Anthony Mays. On May 26, 1991, Andre preached his first sermon, “How Simple How Direct God’s Expectations” Mark 10:17-25. This was a sermon that God had given André nearly 4 years earlier. In September 1991, the Mt. Sinai Church licensed him as a Minister of the Gospel. Pastor André has preached and taught throughout the state of Texas and at various places around the United States.


 Upon moving to Grand Prairie, Texas, he united with Faith Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Emanuel Lupo. He served faithfully at Faith Fellowship in multiple capacities including youth minister under Pastor Lupo. In March of 2007 Pastor Lupo and the Faith Fellowship family ordained Pastor André as a minister of the Gospel. In February 2008 he publicly began work on launching a new church in Dallas/Ft. Worth. This work all started with an impromptu discussion with Pastor Lupo in 2001. After attending a banquet honoring churches that had sponsored new church plants, André had some questions for his pastor. He asked, “Aren’t there enough churches already?” The answer he received started him on his journey towards fulfilling the Great Commission and planting a new church. Pastor Lupo said paraphrasing, “If the Waltons can open more Wal-Mart stores and there can be liquor stores on every corner there is room for more churches to do the work of the Lord.”


This conversation went on for a while and moved André toward the path of being a church planter. He began reading and researching to gain theoretical and practical knowledge on church planting. Pastor Lupo encouraged and supported him to attend a church planting conference. That began a road to seeking other conferences. He and his wife Mia attended Basic Training for Church Planters in 2005. Over the next several years, more conversations with Pastor Lupo occurred, and after much prayer and study André discerned that the time to move had arrived.

He delayed moving forward at the request of Pastor Lupo who was fighting cancer and asked that he remain until he was stronger and help the other associate ministers at Faith Fellowship until he returned to full strength. The Lord had other plans and called Pastor Lupo from Labor to Reward. After witnessing one of his co-laborers at Faith Fellowship receive the call to be the new pastor, André felt he had kept his commitment to Pastor Lupo and moved forward with the work God had called him to do. He now leads a faith group of Christian soldiers who are trying to make it hard for anyone to go to Hell from DFW.


André has creative, often humorous, and always insightful teaching styles that have quickly established him as a rising young leader. God has blessed André with a gift of relating to young people, and he takes steps towards reaching the younger community that has often been turned off and away by tradition, and require a more contemporary method toward receiving Christ. He embraces an out-of-the-box approach and an encouraging preaching style that helps him to reach multiple age groups. He loves guiding the RAP into fresh methods of connecting with our culture. He has a heart for helping people grow with God and connect with others in a community of faith. 
His desire is to immerse his life in the DFW area and allow God to build a great church through them. They are committed to build up and add to God's kingdom.
He is currently a member of the New Rising Star Institutional District of Dallas Inc. where he humbly serves as President of the Congress of Christian Workers.

Shows I Tivo
: First 48, House, 24
Music in my rotation: Kirk Franklin, Lyfe Jennings, Sam Myles, Martha Munizzi, Canton Jones
Favorite flix: Tombstone, , Uptown Saturday Night
Books I?m reading: Fusion (Nelson Searcy); May I Have Your Order Please (Rickie G. Rush)
Food I?m eating: Johnny Carino?s, South Dallas Cafe

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